March 24th, 2008

California’s coastline is just one spectacular beach after another. As I start to write about Stinson Beach, I find that I’m a little annoyed with myself for not finding something inland to write about. I promise you a mountain in the near future! But it’s got to be Stinson Beach this time because I have a new discovery to share with you all!

I’m going to rewind now just a bit and say that I have been to Stinson Beach a few times over the years. It’s lovely. It’s on par with all the other beaches I’ve told you all about, meaning that it’s unbelievably gorgeous, but no more or less than all the rest, so I never really had it on my list.

The last time I went, though, I learned to walk down to the beach and then turn left. After just a short southward stroll, you start seeing giant boulders. Look closely at these rocks and you’ll see that they’re smudged here and there with white powder. No, I’m not leading you to a drug trafficking site, the white powder is chalk and it means that those rocks have been climbed! If you’re someone who likes to climb, then I’m letting you know about a local spot. If you’re not, go watch anyway! It’s really an amazing sport that I had mostly only seen on youtube before this. They’re out there trying over and over to get just a foot higher than the last time, with a whole crowd of friends behind, waiting to catch the climber when he or she inevitably falls. To me, it’s endlessly exciting. But if you get bored, well, you will be on a beach whose beauty I, as a native Californian, really need to not take for granted.

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