April 14th, 2014

Traveling for work is pretty much the opposite of working from home. That seems like an obvious truth; rather than stay within the comfort of your home as you complete your daily tasks, you agree to give every one of them up for a period of time, in service of your job. However, on occasion it’s possible to reap a few of the benefits of working from home when your job has brought you here to our hotel. If you book a meeting in one of our meeting rooms when you’re already a guest here, you in fact get a combination of the advantages of working from home, plus the those of staying in a hotel.

On the work from home front we have, first and foremost, no commute. If the meeting is in the morning, that means sleeping longer. It means not sitting in traffic. It means not having to deal with whatever weather is happening that day, be it cold or heat, when you’re not yet fully awake and can’t quite be bothered. If, on the other hand, the meeting is in the afternoon, it means that your day can end as soon as the meeting does. You don’t have to save your energy for an end of day commute. You can finish up last conversations over drinks at the bar and not give half a thought to what that means about how you’ll get home. You are moments away from pajamas and TV and ease. And if the meeting goes all day, all the above is true for you.

On the hotel side, there are the benefits of inviting a whole lot of people over to your place, and not having to deal with cleaning up afterwards. And while you do have to give some thought to what to serve them all, that only has to go as far as browsing our catering menu and pointing to whatever suits you. The rest, we take care of.

So, you see, with us you can have the best of both worlds, if only for a day.

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