February 8th, 2008

I hope it’s now safe to write what I’m about to write. The country seems to be swinging in a new direction. I’m reading about all the Republicans who are voting for Obama, opening up to something new. We’re so out of touch here in the Bay Area, though. Gavin Newsome, liberal heathen, won his first San Francisco mayoral election as the conservative candidate.

Ok, though, I’ll just try it. The Jordan winery takes pride in emulating the great French wineries that came before it. Sorry, there’s just no way I can paste in the word freedom there. The California winemaking tradition is only just half a century old and its roots are French. The Jordan winery emphasizes the art of winemaking, believing that a beautiful wine will flourish in beautiful surroundings. The winery is modeled after a French chateau. There are French gardens out in front of it. I am trying to sell this to you as proof that the people at the Jordan winery are making an effort to remain connected to the heritage of their craft on all levels and so are consciously producing wine made rich by its history. I hope that it’s now politically acceptable to draw connections between American and French culture. If I’ve turned you off, I apologize and our bartenders will happily pour you a Bud Lite instead.

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