March 10th, 2008

What I’m about to give you now is information that very probably is long overdue. The sports bar has, I guess, become a staple of American culture and here I’ve spent all these months showing you ways to pass your time in Silicon Valley without having directed you to a place where you can sit in front of an oversized television, eat chicken wings and potato skins, drink beer and watch “the game.” It’s certainly not for lack of material; sports bars abound here as they do everywhere else in our great nation. The question, though, has always been how to recommend one over another, and why. If the games, beer selections and menus vary from place to place, it’s on a level I’m not sensitive enough to pick up on. What I see are giant plates of deep fry, with buckets of heavy white cream to slather on top and a good opportunity to watch the “obesity epidemic” proliferate in front of my very eyes.

But finally I’ve found one for you that I can feel good about passing along! It’s called Capers and it is, for all intents and purposes, a real sports bar. The place is saturated with TVs, sporting paraphernalia and fans and the atmosphere is appropriately invigorated. Thankfully, though, the food does not match its environment. It turns out that this place is a relative of downtown San Jose’s Loft Bistro, which I raved to you about just a few months ago. The relationship is similar to the Grand Hotel and the Cupertino Inn, it seems: the substance is the same, the guest just needs to choose which environment suits him or her best. So now I’ve exposed to you the environment that suits me best, but I’ve also done my civic duty by those of you who lean the other way. I’m glad to have figured this one out!

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