October 30th, 2008

This 2008 election season has become a real part of my life. Not a huge part, just a mild component of my daily environment. I feel like it’s always been here, and it always will. It’s a comforting piece of national drama to have an opinion on, important enough to be above the level of following celebrity gossip, but more or less feeding that same candy craving. I think I’m not alone here. This has been quite a titillating political campaign, not to mention the giant span of time it’s covered. The question of who will be our next president has been so integrated into our day-to-day discourse, I don’t know what we’ll do when it’s been answered.

And yet the end is rapidly approaching. It’s always crazy to me that months of speculation and research and polling and lies and gossip and all the rest are in preparation for one day. It ends, resolved, after this single night. (Not speaking, for the moment, about the year 2000.) This year, in particular, is beginning to remind me of all the Y2K hype. All the talking about change and belief, all the fear being stirred up around the victory of one candidate over another, if you really let it sink in, it sounds a lot like the potential crash of computer systems worldwide, not to mention the possibility of the end of times. When the stroke of midnight hit on December 31, 1999, we pretty much knew that life would continue as before, but there was still a nice charge in the air, the faint idea that it might not. Just so, I think, with this coming election night.

And so we’ve decided to draw this comparison even tighter. We’re throwing a party! When people ask you where you were for election night 2008, we want you the say you were with us. We’ll have pizza, cake, champagne and our best effort at a non-partisan environment. Come celebrate with us the passage from one time into another, even if we all kind of suspect we won’t really be able to feel much difference.

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