August 28th, 2013

I made a great discovery this last weekend that I’d like to share with you. About a year ago, apparently, a cavernous old building in downtown San Jose that, over the years, tried to be many different versions of a nightclub but could never quite figure out a consistent crowd, finally gave up and decided to be a climbing gym instead. The thing is, it seems that this poor building must be cursed because although it’s been turned into a fine example of a climbing gym, and although I was in there at a time that every other climbing gym I’ve ever been to has been stuffed to the gills, the place was nearly empty.

Climbing gyms are great. Whoever invented the idea of bolting fake stones onto the sides of warehouses so that people could have a place where they could climb the walls was a genius. But they can be a little intimidating. There are far too many young men who have nothing better to do than get better and better at climbing walls, and the scrutiny of young men can be harsh. Especially when all the time you’re spending on the wall is taking away from their time on it. The unpopularity, then, of this place downtown, The Studio, it’s called, is a huge blessing. It’s a place to go and be awkward and take too much time and screw up and have fun being a total beginner. If you’re someone who’s always wanted to go give climbing a try, but shied away because of social fears, this is a place you want to know about.

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