November 19th, 2012

I miss Thanksgiving! I know it may seem crazy to say that, seeing as how Thanksgiving is, in fact, coming, and later this week, no less. I have this sensation, though, that it’s being erased, or, rather, phased out due to poor market performance.

I went into downtown San Francisco yesterday, for example, and Macy’s had just set up its Christmas display. When I was in Walgreen’s buying shampoo last week, one whole aisle had already turned red and green. The ads on TV are singing carols and selling toys and diamonds. As far as I can tell, walking around in the world, Christmas is upon us, and, sure, maybe it’s true that we’re all going to end up at one or another dinner party this coming Thursday night, like some kind of national coincidence, but it’s Christmas that’s happening now.

The creep of Christmas decor, though, is not the worst of it. This year Black Friday sales will start, in some stores, at 8pm on THURSDAY. People will be forced to choose between a full evening with their family and friends, and being sure to get those cheap HDTVs before they run out. I’d like to think that this means that those stores will have mellow openings, and that it ensures that no one will get trampled this year, but I kind of doubt it.

The reasons for plowing over Thanksgiving, though, are exactly the reasons it’s such a satisfying holiday. There’s no obligation to buy anything for anyone. It’s not affiliated with any religion. It’s only just a day to gather with your friends and family and give thanks. No one, except maybe the turkey and potato farmers, has found a way to make it their big payday. But that means it’s up to us to make sure it stays alive. If we rely on advertisements to tell us what has value and what doesn’t, we’ll lose anything that doesn’t cost money.

On that note, the Cupertino Inn wishes you a happy Thanksgiving!

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