November 15th, 2013

Friends, the holidays are upon us. And whether that sentence fills you with tingles of eager anticipation or a dark foreboding, we’ve got a treat for you: Our annual holiday canned food drive.

If you’re the type for whom the holidays bring the joy of family reunion, if you rejoice in the sacred act of giving thanks for all the blessings the world has bestowed on you and those you love, then a bring a can or two in to our drive. It’s another chance to spread the love and bounty that this time of year reminds you of. We’re only too happy to be the intermediary in this small act of generosity that can have such a big impact.

If, on the other hand, you’re more the bah humbug type, this drive will help your holiday cheer in a different way. As you all know, drinks in our bar are free for our guests from 5-7pm every night and after that we make you pay. However, at this time of year, there’s a little caveat. For every can you bring in, you get a free drink. Whether it’s a 99 cent can of beans, a 20 year old mystery can from the back of your pantry, or some fancy Amy’s organic curried something-or-other, you’ll get a ticket for a post-7pm cocktail of your choice.

Please, no frozen items. And please, don’t bring anything that you’ve taken from the mini-bar.

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