January 29th, 2014

The best hotel bathroom experience that I ever had was in Bankok. Pure bliss, I tell you, in its cool whiteness. It’s tiles were so perfect and clean, its water so plentifully hot. This, as you can maybe tell, is a story about relativity. The previous three weeks had been spent in a tiny hut on the beach of a tiny island. Super idyllic, almost tritely romantic. I was very young and it was my first chance to experience the extreme simplicity of actual human necessity. The bathroom, however, was the biggest test of my dependence on suburban luxury. It consisted of a concrete floor, a squat toilet and a hose that ran only cold and served the double function of shower and toilet flusher. I had to give myself a pep talk every single time I went in there.

This beautiful memory of the Bankok bathroom, then, is actually the memory of a Motel 6 kind of a bathroom. All the basics were represented, period. The lights were harsh fluorescents and there wasn’t even soap. But there was toilet paper! And there was the comfort and security of warm water. Most wonderful of all, though, was the gentle ease of taking a seat again.

Imagine what I would have done if that Bankok bathroom had been like one of ours here at this hotel. I may have fallen into a state of shock. A bathtub with jets after three weeks of cold hose-water? That seems like too much for the nervous system to process. I may have just stayed, on accident, unable to get past the pleasure.

You, though, we trust to appreciate the work we’ve put into making our bathrooms a kind of luxurious respite from the world, and then move on. A nice bathroom is a great place to be, and ours are very nice indeed, but please remember to leave each morning and go to your job.

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