February 1st, 2013

Well, friends, Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. I, personally, am super excited for it. I’ve got the whole day planned out. First, I think, I’ll go to the grocery store. Maybe I’ll even go to two. Then I’m for sure going to head over to Target. There’re a few things I’ve needed for a while, but I’m always scared away by the chaos of figuring out where to put my car and the lines and the general sense of being an ant in some sadistic kid’s ant farm. I might even get crazy and just drive up and down the 880 for a few hours. Some of you may be familiar with this parking lot that we call, I guess just out of habit, a freeway? It could be nice to make a few loops on when it’s free and clear, maybe I can release some frustration.

Sorry if this is sacrilegious and offensive. I hope it’s at least clear that I love the Super Bowl as much as anyone else. What I get from, it’s meaning in my life, is different from yours, maybe, but we’re all sharing this anticipation together.

That said, something’s been bothering me in the lead up to the game this year. I keep seeing interviews with players talking about the danger of the game. One guy who’s currently playing said that if the NFL doesn’t change, someone’s going to die on the field. Another, retired, detailed the physical and mental difficulties he’s having in his post-NFL life. All this is in keeping with the current conversation about football, I know, but what bothers me is that these interviews are being run, it seems, not to keep people away from the big game, but to sell them on it. Am I being too sensitive? It feels like the Super Bowl is being sold as a snuff film this year.

Of course, the marketing of the Super Bowl can’t touch the great day that’s coming!

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