October 26th, 2013

The Oakland A’s just lost in the first round of the playoffs. Last year the Giants won the World Series, for the second time in three years. The San Jose Sharks go to the playoffs every year; one of these days they may even win. The point is, it’s no secret that the Bay Area is a nice place to be a sports fan. Recently, though, it became official. ESPN put all the cities in the country with pro teams through some kind of convoluted algorithm and came to the conclusion that the Bay Area is the best place for professional sports. I believe it took into account things like how often teams played in the post season, but somehow it also accounted for things like the ineffable insanity of the Raider Nation. (Have you all seen the Raider Nation first hand, by the way? It’s a big experience, highly recommended. And it’s football season right now, so you don’t even have to wait and hope to remember.)

Everyone likes to brag about the place they’re from, especially to an audience of non-natives. Sports fans can, arguably, be the worst on the subject. In England people have been bludgeoned to death for choosing one city’s soccer team over another’s. Mostly it’s subjective grandstanding, completely unverifiable. Here, though, we have ESPN, a brand that, if not universally trusted, at least can’t be accused of having any dog in this particular race, devising the kind of mathematical equation sports junkies love so much and coming up with little old us. Our beloved Bay Area is the best place to be a sports fan. We could have told you so, but it’s so much better this way.

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