February 5th, 2013

Do any, or all, of you watch The Big Bang Theory? I recently saw an episode where one of them, whose name I don’t know, was skyping with his girlfriend from a space shuttle, or something. I guess he’s an astronaut. Clearly I’m not such a huge fan. But, anyway, before she got off their video chat, he said he wanted to watch her do something. He said he missed gravity and he wondered if she would drop something so he could watch it fall. Watching objects drop sent him into paroxysms of bittersweet, ecstatic envy.

Well, my weary, over-traveled friends, I wonder if a description of my day yesterday will do the same for you. Have you been eating in too many restaurants? Are energy bars and candy bars being called meals in your life? Are you exhausted by the need to go out, three times every day, to figure out how to make your stomach stop rumbling? That, anyway, was me in the last few weeks.

Yesterday, though, I took control back. I made a huge pot of sweet potato lentil soup. I roasted a chicken with lemon and garlic. I baked some oatmeal cookies that are almost very healthy, except for the chocolate chips I threw in. I bought lots of fresh, crisp greens for salad. Sounds good, no? Days and days of the particular decadence of rich, warm things made at home. This is the stuff I dream of when I’m traveling too much. If you’re the same then maybe, hopefully, I’ve just given you and equal mixture of vicarious pleasure and envy. Home can be so good.

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