April 19th, 2012

Most of us who work here at this little hotel are more or less always glad that we have no giant corporate overlords. There are no brand standards to adhere to, no weird rules that stink of bureaucracy and hang like lead weights around real life. Plus it just feels better, you know, philosophically. Maybe we don’t think of it everyday, but it’s a general feeling that we all carry around with us.

Every now and then, though, we get a shining, glorious example of just how sweet our freedom is. Now is one of those times.

It started a few years ago with a harebrained idea from our general manager. As these things usually do. “I want our keys to be like baseball cards,” she said. “Yeah, whatever,” we said, no knowing what that meant and thinking, anyway, that it would pass. Well, it didn’t pass and eventually someone had to figure out what she meant and how to get it done and now, finally, we have what turns out to be the most fun new addition to our business in a long time: Employee key cards. From now on, when you check in, your key will feature the smiling face of someone on our staff. The first round is all front desk, bell staff and bartenders, but soon enough everyone who works here will be on a card. The full vision will be complete when you, our guests, start collecting them and trading amongst yourselves for favorites. Why she thinks it’s a good idea to make key cards that no one wants to turn in is a little unclear, but, really, they are kind of amazing. Come see for yourself.

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