June 14th, 2013

One of the nicest things to do, if you find yourself in a big city in the summertime, is to find an open-air cinema. In New York it’s at Bryant Park, it’s free and people come hours early to stake their claims, bringing picnic dinners along with them. In Berlin you will most likely pay a few Euros, but there’re several throughout the week, sometimes more than one a night. Paris, I believe, has a free one too. The list goes on and on, but not quite all the way on. Poor San Francisco has failed, again and again, to get a thing like this going. Why? Because San Francisco has a dirty little secret: It’s never, ever warm enough, in the summer in San Francisco, to sit outside and watch a movie.

But never fear! San Jose has got what you’re looking for, if you happen to be looking for an open-air cinema. Starting June 12th, the city of San Jose screens a series of classic family favorites, starting with The Princess Bride and including one of my all time favorites, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, every Wednesday night, for free, outside. Notice I haven’t named a venue? That’s because San Jose’s unique take on this summertime tradition is to rotate it around the city. Every week you have to check to see where it’s going to be, the idea being that this way the different parks, neighborhoods and local businesses all get their turn to show off.

This does, of course, coincide with our Wednesday night BBQ, which is in accordance with Murphy’s Law. Still, an outdoor movie can’t start until it’s dark out, which is not happening very early these days. And, actually, starting with our BBQ and then moving on to sit under the stars and watch Ferris Bueller on his joy ride would not be a bad night at all.

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