June 25th, 2008

This was proposed as a very cool story. We have an events manager named Jazz. “Don’t you think that’s cool?” our general manager asked, in lieu of giving a reason for choosing him to be this month’s featured employee. It is pretty slick, it’s hard to disagree. Especially when he starts describing himself as a reformed asshole, trying to learn to bow down to petty social conventions. There’s a Playstation in his office too. This is one cool rebel, you may be thinking now. I may even be selling his party planning services.

Romance is so often spoiled by details, I know. I will try to preserve the cool factor as I give you just a little bit more information. Jazz (maybe just continuing to use his name will be enough) was hired as a bellman because he went to high school with nearly everyone else who works here. Perhaps at that time he was the asshole he so proudly claims to have been. I don’t know. What I do know is that he is now both our events manager and our in-house IT guy. The latter, he says, is the more stressful because he is completely self-trained. Meaning that when a problem arises that he’s never seen before, he has some research to do. He’s in school now, getting an advertising degree. After he finishes that, he plans to get an MBA. Not yet sure what he will do in his life, Jazz’s plan is to stay in training mode, keep acquiring skills until he figures out how he wants to apply them. One more piece of evidence: he recently started riding his bike to work. He says he hasn’t used his car in a month and he’s happy for the change. I submit that this is a young (and I mean very young) man with an uncommon amount of native intelligence and a superior work ethic who we can observe now collecting the information that he will use to shape his life. Actually, that’s pretty cool.

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