November 22nd, 2008

The holidays are here again! And I have a Silicon Valley holiday recommendation for you that I think I should preface with a little story about last year. It was this newsletter’s first holiday season and our dear general manager and I were talking about what festive things we should send you all out to see or do. Christmas in the Park was her immediate and enthusiastic idea. “But,” I said as gently as I could manage, “our guests are mostly business people, I don’t think we have enough kids coming through for that.” This was trouble, though, and I knew it. “Christmas in the Park isn’t just for kids!”

Now, I think, would be a good time to explain to you, my reader, that Christmas in the Park is a large collection of Santa Claus dolls spinning in motorized circles, set against various painted wooden backdrops, in a park in downtown San Jose. She loves it, though, our beloved leader. It’s almost like a personality glitch. Set against the tough talking lady in charge we all know and love, it’s just completely incongruous. Last year I tried to be delicate, acknowledging that, yes, some adults like it too, but then proposing something a little politically edgy and so, thankfully, distracting her. It was awkward and a little difficult.

Well, it’s that time of year again, and again she proposed Christmas in the Park. This year I’m not fighting it. Go. Please go. And when you come back, instead of feeling like you’ve wasted a night, you can maybe feel like you’ve gotten a glimpse of the unexpectedly soft side of someone we’re all used to respecting and admiring for things like intelligence and strength. You can laugh a little, too. I give you permission.

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