August 28th, 2013

This newsletter has, admittedly, been in a bit of a San Pedro Square Market rut over the past few months. I apologize, and promise it’ll be over soon, but it does seem that there’s one more part of it that’s worth mentioning. For those of you who haven’t yet ventured out there, what’s interesting about the San Pablo Square Market is that it’s essentially an upscale food court. A whole bunch of restaurants are sharing one big building and you, the customer, are free to wander around, mixing and matching as you choose. Normally this is an experience reserved for places like Panda Express and California Crisp, but here you can have an artisanal pizza and your date can have fresh sashimi. And not a Styrofoam carton to be seen.

One more sweet little detail of the San Pedro Market experience is that one of its many establishments is a bar. Which means that the beer wine or specialty cocktail that accompanies your meal comes from a place whose only business is beer, wine and specialty cocktails. Ditto your after dinner coffee or tea.

This may seem like a lot of hassle. Maybe you’d prefer to be in a place where you can just sit down and order what you’d like. Not an unreasonable desire. Still, it’s a neat little environment they’ve got going on over there. Everyone little detail of your dinner is done in a place that specializes in that detail, so there’s no compromise. At the very least, this is a good place to keep in mind when you’ve got a picky group to try and please.

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