January 28th, 2009

I’m about to do something with this space that feels, even to me, a bit strange, especially now. I hate even to write the words economic crisis here, but it is the context for the oddity of this proposal. In this time of turmoil and fiscal panic, I’m going to try to convince you to go to another hotel. It’s really a lovely place. You’ll like it very much, I just know. It’s called the Mendocino Inn and it’s right on the coast, with a spectacular view, a five star restaurant and a really sweet discount just waiting to be taken advantage of. And it’ll only take you about four hours to drive there, three if you push.

There, of course, is the trick. What I am suggesting is not a replacement hotel, but a weekend getaway for those of you who spend enough time in Silicon Valley to need to get away from it every now and then. The discount I mentioned isn’t even good unless you have, in some way, already proven your loyalty to us.

Actually, though, it’s kind of an amazing little deal that our dear general manager struck up with this rather extraordinary little establishment. She charmed its owner into a serious price reduction on a seriously luxurious experience. Certainly it was some kind of exchange between them, the terms of which one can only wonder about. I do hope it was a fair deal, though, because now she’s turned it over to Jerry, our Director of Sales and Marketing, and he will never let go of it. Talk to him if you’re interested, he’ll arrange the whole thing.

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