April 24th, 2008

About four or five diet fads ago lowfat was the buzzword. I know you all remember it. At least I hope you do because I’m looking for a sense of community here as I, with no small amount of shame, confess to having treated lowfat diet guidelines, culled from the pages of Cosmo magazine and the like, as scripture for a portion of my teenage years. I think this is where I get to claim victimization by the aforementioned pop-culture manuals and thus be forgiven my stupidity! Pop-psychology is so great sometimes!

Anyway, the only reason to get into any of this is to remind you of frozen yogurt. The miracle dessert of the lowfat days, it could either be super-lowfat, or, gloriously, non-fat! I ate so much frozen yogurt! Sometimes it was awful, but I ate it anyway. It was guilt free and I was hungry! Luckily I found Yummi Yogurt. Their soft-serve yogurt was creamy and rich in a market where those qualities were not requisite. The flavors rotated daily and varied greatly, so there was always an element of surprise. The serving sizes were enormous which, if you are 14 and maintaining a very idiotic diet that leads you to believe that eating a gallon of frozen yogurt a day is a good idea, is just so great. The thing is that, even today, having rekindled my love affair with red meat and avocados, I still go to Yummi Yogurt. Crave it even. And lest I’ve led you to think this is just my personal obsession, drive by some warm night. There are lines out the door until they close at 10 every night in the summer, and it’s been that way for 15 years. Yummi Yogurt is not a fad!

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