May 24th, 2011

I’ve been walking around lately with a Christmas song in my head. Do you know the one that goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”? That line spins round and round in my head each day as I feel the sun warmer and warmer on my face. I’m sorry that whoever wrote those lyrics was so turned around, but I’m thankful to have a tune to welcome summer back with. Summer is coming everyone! This, truly, is “the most wonderful time of the year”!

And if summer is back that means that Wednesday night poolside BBQs are back too! That’s right, for all the months that the sun stays high and the air stays warm, we do the only thing that makes sense: Fire up the grill. You’re invited to join us every Wednesday night this summer for dinner by the pool. We’ll be cooking steak and chicken, baked potatoes and corn. A variety of salads and deserts round out a meal even a vegetarian can love. And, of course, the bar will be open throughout the night. Plus, a night in at the Inn is the perfect opportunity to try out one of our many board games. Maybe you can get to know a coworker, or even to make a new acquaintance or two. If you’ve never joined us for a Wednesday night BBQ before, you’re in for a treat. It’s one of our favorite traditions and we’re excited that its time has come yet again.

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