May 20th, 2011

Writing about Vidovich wines, as I’m about to do now, makes me nervous. I’ve avoided it for all of these years, but it seems that the time has finally come and, so, here I go. Why, you ask, should I be so anxious? Well, you see, the maker of Vidovich wines also made this here humble little hotel that has, thus far, allowed me to write more or less whatever I want about whatever seems like the most fun to me. I’m in a pretty sweet spot, to be honest, and I’d sure like to continue. But if ever there was a time to tread lightly this is it, and I just hope I know how!

Lucky for me the owner of this fine establishment, my boss’ boss that is to say, makes a pretty fine red wine. And what’s great for you about it being here is that our hotel is one of the only places you can find it. The thing is, it’s not available for retail sale, so your choice, now that I’ve got you at least just a little bit curious, is to try to seek it out in one of the handful of Silicon Valley restaurants that serve it, or to come to our bar, where our supply is nearly endless, and even complimentary between 5 and 7 each night, and try a glass. The only problem is that once you see just how nice it is, still can’t buy a bottle in any store anywhere and realize that you’re only reliable access is here with us, you’ll find that your need to come stay in our little hotel is deeper than ever before. Which isn’t really such a problem!

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