November 20th, 2008

It’s hard to eat well when you’re traveling. And it’s hard to eat well during the holidays. Now it’s the holiday season and if you’re coming to stay with us it means you’re traveling and I know that the temptation is strong to just throw your hands up and agree to a few extra pounds that you’ll deal with later. I am going to try to support whatever small desire you have to fight that temptation by recommending my favorite little Japanese restaurant to you. Japanese food is notoriously healthy. The oldest people, and the people most robust in their antiquity, are always Japanese. Plus, there are all those way-too-skinny celebrities who, when asked about their troublingly skeletal appearance and the diet that’s supporting it, insist that they just eat a lot of Japanese food. The latter is not what I want for you, please believe me, but if you’re looking for something to balance out extra helpings of stuffing and pumpkin pie, sushi and miso soup are probably a good option.

Kiraku is the name of the place I’m suggesting. It’s miniature, hidden away in a suburban Santa Clara strip mall. It’s family run and the family is nice and makes you feel comfortable. Most importantly, though, the food is fresh. Of course, we would always prefer that our food be fresh, but if you’re looking for sushi, it’s an imperative. So trust me, it’s fresh.

Good luck with the holiday balancing, I hope this was helpful. Akirnd when you come back to us in the new year, all freshly resolved, remember that we offer free passes to a nearby health club.

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