February 28th, 2008

In general people like to describe work environments in familial terms. At these hotels people like to say that the team feels like a family. In this very newsletter I have written the words “like family” as few times as possible although every employee profiled here uses them to describe their relationship to this job. The thing about clichés, of course, is that they become so ephemeral. What does “like family” mean? Whose family? I think we’re far enough along in our modern world to acknowledge that there is no such thing as a template family. If I write that the staff here is “like a family,” why should I assume that you’ve read that as a positive statement?

I now will offer you proof that our beloved general manager is trying to recover in all of us, staff and guests, the instinct for nurturing that she lost for her own children many years ago. Reliable sources report that she very lovingly, and not without skill, prepared hearty homecooked meals for her three kids throughout her first 12 years of motherhood. And then came the infamous bagel and cream cheese revelation: It turns out that a bagel and cream cheese can be dinner too! And if you want meatloaf, lasagna, pork chops, well, that’s what restaurants are for! The family moved on. Takeout menus, rather than recipes, were passed on to daughters.

Suddenly, all these years later, she’s back in the kitchen! No, there are no grandchildren. She’s decided to put her apron back on, bring out the old scraps of recipes and start cooking for the banquets here at the hotels. All her old standards can now be found on the catering menu. Come have a meeting with us, eat up, grow strong and healthy, and do it fast before the bagels and cream cheese come back!

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