October 16th, 2013

When you’re traveling for work, time can slide by pretty quickly. Trying to get as much out of every day as possible often leads to some pretty tight scheduling. Plus you’re in an unfamiliar place, so all the details of a day take a little bit longer and are just a little bit more of a hassle to do. Running to the store for a bag of chips or a soda, for example, might take five minutes at home, but in an unfamiliar city that simple errand can turn into an hour-long project. Add jet lag into all of this and the time warp is complete; hours dissolve into nothingness before you’ve even registered their arrival. So, although you may intend to take advantage of the access to local gyms that we offer, as often as not that’s the thing that’s easiest to let go of.

But what about your resolve to have a six-pack by Christmas? Well, friends, I’ve got good news for you! We now have an exercise ball and resistance bands waiting for you in your room. With these there, you can roll out of bed just a few minutes earlier for some pre-breakfast calisthenics. Or maybe you prefer waiting until after work, burning off a bit of frustration before meeting your coworkers in the bar at night. This option could save you from the other, less productive ways of diffusing tension that can be found in bars, if that’s useful for you. Another fun choice is to wait until after you’ve had your nightly cocktail(s) and then bring those coworkers up to your room for tests of strength and agility. However you choose to use them, they’ll be there for you. Good luck with those abs.

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