September 29th, 2013

In line with the exceptionally popular and fun Nerd Night series, I’ve recently discovered a whole other realm of organized adventures to have with a cocktail in one hand and a teacher in front of you. This one is called Paint Nite and it’s a series of painting lessons held in bars and restaurants. Like Nerd Night, these events are being duplicated in cities all around the country and, also like Nerd Night, the Bay Area being as rich as it is, has two cities running Paint Nites within an hour of one another, whereas, for example, there’s only one in the whole state of Arizona.

What’s fun about Paint Nite is that, rather than making you start at the very beginning and go through the rigors of learning technique, not to mention the trials and confusion of personal creativity, they just pick a painting someone’s already done and teach the assembled crowd how to replicate the exact same thing. It’s genius. And so gratifying.

The other cool thing about Paint Nite that’s way more gratifying than Nerd Night, is it that it happens really often. With Nerd Night, the monthly thing can be kind of a bummer. It’s easy to get really excited about going the night after it just happened, be determined to go to the next one, and then not remember it until it’s just passed yet again. It’s even worse for you, the travelers, who either will or will not be in town when it’s on, end of story. Paint Nite, in contrast, happens at different venues around both San Jose and San Francisco three or four nights a week. The particular night you want might sell out, it’s true, but chances are you can just go the next night instead. So, the next time you run out of things to talk about with the coworkers you’re somehow stuck living with too, keep Paint Nite in mind!

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