January 5th, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that all of you are enjoying your new gym memberships, your morning kale juices and the fresh feeling of newly flossed teeth. I myself recently roasted a chicken on my own, even though the grocery store is still happy to do it for me. My mother is going back to Weight Watchers. I watched a woman run around the lake I live by yesterday in an insane way that I know she learned from the internet. I love this time of the year! This is us at our best; the way we could always be, if we wanted to.

What we need now are strategies for success.

Might I try tempting you with anger? I recently heard on the radio that gyms hire temporary employees at this time of year. Meaning that, for those of you who have just joined one or another fitness club, certain that you’re ready to change your lives, most of you are expected to quit by mid-February, so all the staff that are there to support you now are scheduled to leave around then too.

Or, how about easing immediate expectations? Flossing your teeth three times a week, for example, is really good. Way, way better, say, than doing it only when a piece of food gets stuck in one. Who cares if it’s not quite as good as doing it every single day, when asking that of yourself is only going to mean that the first day you forget, all faith is lost and you won’t pick up the floss again until next January 1. And I know that this is what happens because I heard the statistics about it on that same radio show the other day, so think back to last year and calm down with the denial.

I want us to succeed. All these things that we dream for ourselves, we can have them. Let’s keep it together this year!

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