November 15th, 2012

Hi everyone. Welcome (back) to this new(ish) location. As some of you may have noticed, sometime in this last year, we had an idea. We wanted to start up a bi-weekly blog that would make you all crazy with desire for our humble little hotel. Not a bad idea, hopefully, but we stumbled a little on the questions of how and who and what and so there was a bit of a false start. This, then, is a real, official, true beginning, and I, who already give you a newsletter every month, will be taking this thing over from the sales department.

It feels a little abrupt to me to just start writing about whatever it is I’m going to be writing about in the coming weeks and months, though, pretending like this space has been up and running and like you, our guests, are somehow just finding it now. The truth is that I’ve got to figure out what it can be, what it should be, what exactly I’m going to be permitted to let it be, and it seems like the best way to start that off is with a bit of transparency. That kind of thing is all the rage these days, anyway, you know.

Here, then, is why we started doing it to begin with: Our web designer told us that we need new content more often. He doesn’t care what that content is, and, more to the point, he actually believes that it doesn’t matter what it is. This is not a poet we’re talking about. If I copied pages out of the encyclopedia, he’d post them without blinking, and probably be happy about all the hyperlinks he could make. His attitude hurts my soul a little, but his point has been taken. More words more often. My task then, even if I’m the only one who thinks it’s worthwhile, is to not let those words be empty. I guess we’ll see how well I manage to pull it off. All feedback will, of course, be welcome. If this isn’t fun for you and me both, it won’t be right, so bring it on.

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