August 21st, 2013

Not to stereotype, but I went to an event last night that I think a lot of you all may have enjoyed. It was called “Science Neat” and it was held at a bar in San Francisco, so, in spite of the sting of the typecast, I’ve just mentioned a couple of your big interests, no? There were booths set up all around the outdoor space with hands on experiences to try for yourself, all relating to the night’s theme of color. We were invited to mill around for a bit, delighting ourselves with color based optical illusions, a chance to experiment with color combining, and a few other random little treats. Then we gathered around, with our drinks and our friends, to listen first to a PhD candidate in marine biology, who told us why fish are different colors, and then to a doctor of neuroscience/amateur magician, who told us why we can’t observe magic tricks. In short, it was an awesome night out.

The thing about this “Science Neat” is that it’s a copycat of a thing called Nerd Night that’s been happening in cities all around the world. There are two official Nerd Nights that happen in the Bay Area and they sell out, especially the San Francisco one, and there’s enough overflow to support copycats, like the one I went to last night, which, incidentally, was stuffed to the gills.

Next Monday night is the next East Bay Nerd Night and it hasn’t sold out yet. There’ll be presentations on the strength of materials, on platypuses and on oysters. And there will, of course, be beer. I so very highly recommend this.

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