February 20th, 2008

This employee profile may seem a little confusing to you at first. As a guest of our hotels, you must often have marveled at the honor of employment with us. How, then, could one possibly continue to have career ambitions once one was already a member of our staff? Strange as it may seem, Andi is working as hard as she can to get away from us! Every morning she gets up and goes to a full day of nursing school, then comes straight to a night shift at the front desk of either the Cupertino Inn or the Grand Hotel. That’s one sixteen hour day after another, and if you’re a little slow with the math, that leaves only eight hours for three meals, a shower and enough sleep to get through the next sixteen hour day! Pediatric nurse in a public hospital is her stated goal in this, her first year of training. Apparently something about the five months she spent in South Africa helping victims of HIV/AIDS led her to believe that taking care of underprivileged children is more noble than taking care of you, our guests. Try as we might, we can’t convince her otherwise, and so she’ll go. For those of you who’ve known her for the almost six years she’s been with us, meaning that you’ve known her since she graduated from high school, you’ve still got a year and a half to say goodbye. As do we.

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