April 20th, 2008

Being an employee of this great hotel is joyful, not to mention a pretty big honor. That’s common knowledge, I’d say. Still, pleased as they are with the jobs they have, most employees choose to take a couple of days off each week. Perhaps they have to have other experiences in the world to hold against the time they spend here and thus better illuminate the pleasure of the hours spent with us. Is there some other explanation I can’t think of?

I decided to take it up with Adam C., who spends no days away. Expecting to be blown away by the intensity of his commitment to you, our guests, I was surprised to instead hear stories about the zen of driving fast. Adam C., it turns out races cars, and racing cars is not an inexpensive pursuit. He works seven days a week, then spends all of his money, and what remains of his time, fixing the car he has and getting ready for the car he wants. The payoff, you ask? One hour a month of pure freedom. During the race, he says, his mind and body are reacting so fast, so instinctively, that it takes days for his conscious mind to catch up and remember what it did. Never have I looked at racing cars and thought of meditation, but so it is. Or, at least, I believe it is. If a man spends all his life in preparation for one hour out of every month, I do not doubt him when he tells me about the greatness of that hour!

He’s behind the front desk during the week and behind the bar on the weekends and he’s got something to say about inner peace that’s worth listening to, I promise.

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