May 9th, 2008

Work can be stressful. Traveling for work can be stressful. Traveling with co-workers can be the most stressful thing of all. If you need to cleanse yourself of all that and find some peace and quiet, I have just the place for you. It’s called Kabuki, a traditional Japanese bathhouse in San Francisco’s Japan town. There is a hot pool, steam room, sauna, cold pool, tea, water flavored with either cucumber or lime and, best of all, a gong, to be rung whenever anyone breaks the rule of silence. You could even bring your annoying co-workers with you, just for the pleasure of being in a place where they would not be permitted to yammer on about things you don’t know how to pretend to care about. But, then, that would be mean-spirited and I apologize for suggesting that you taint what could, perhaps, be a truly transcendental experience. Oh, I love Kabuki, great healer of all physical and mental maladies! Possibly the right thing is for you to go one day, and then pass on the recommendation to those tiresome colleagues, hoping that maybe some irksome habits arose only from want of personal serenity. However you choose to use it, this is me passing on to you one of my personal treasures. Please enjoy!

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