February 28th, 2009

I think it’s kind of common hotel lingo to talk about wanting to be a guest’s ‘home away from home.’ Probably we here at the Cupertino Inn have uttered that phrase more than we even remember over the years. I can’t speak for any other hospitality establishments, but I think that, in the past, when we’ve said a thing like this we meant that you would be very comfortable here. We give you breakfast in the morning, drinks at night and there are always lots of warm smiles to greet you as you come and go. So, in saying that we would like to be your ‘home away from home,’ what we meant is that we would have liked to have been a place you felt so good in that you would return again and again. We hoped to be habit forming.

All of our rooms here at the Cupertino Inn are now being, or have recently been, renovated. This time around we decided to get a bit more literal with the whole ‘home away from home’ thing. What I mean to say is that we have taken great pains to make rooms that look the way people actually furnish bedrooms, instead of the way people normally furnish hotel rooms. This means beds and sofas that are stylish and comfortable, for starters, but, for me, the beauty is in the details. Down comforters triple the comfort of any bed and we’ve got them on all of ours. A flat screen TV is perhaps still just a fantasy for most of us in our own personal bedrooms, but the Cupertino Inn now has one in each of its rooms. The aptly named Home Station for iPods can be found next to every one of our brand new beds. And, my favorite, crossword puzzle and sudoku books in all the bathrooms.

I’m not saying we’ve matched the way any of you actually lives in your own home, but then I don’t guess any of you has daily maid service in your own home either, so these things do still go both ways. I do think that we have gotten much closer to making rooms that can feel truly comfortable, and less like a space hold for real life. Come, see if you agree.

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