November 6th, 2013

The worst thing about having a young, ambitious staff is that eventually you’re going to have to say goodbye to each and every one of them. Stephen, who our general manager would only ever refer to as Little Stephen, will be an especially tough one for her in particular because he grew up on her street. She met him when he was a five-year-old who just kept wandering away from his parents’ house and showing up at her doorstep. She had no kids his age at the time, there was no one in particular for him to play with there, but he’d turn up every day, not unlike Dennis the Menace. A few years later his parents divorced and he finished his growing up somewhere else, but when he turned up at the hotel looking for a job, all he had to do was remind her of who he was and he was hired. He’s been here for a few years now and every time she looked at him, she saw the skinny little towhead wanderer. Well, now it’s time for him to wander away.

The funny thing about Stephen’s departure is that, while we’re all saying our goodbyes and wondering if and how we’ll ever see him again, there are some of you who’ll now be seeing a lot more of him. You see, he’s leaving us to be a courier at Apple. For those of you who are getting more Stephen from here on out, maybe think of indulging our boss with whatever little bits of gossip you can dig up from his new life. For the rest of us, we’ll say goodbye for now, and look forward to how he’ll show up the next time.

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