May 11th, 2008

It’s May in California! Big celebrations abound! It’s Cinco de Mayo time! Unfortunately, as I am writing this on the 11th of May and Cinco de Mayo is, traditionally, celebrated on the 5th of May, I will have to acknowledge that you will not read this in time to really actively participate in the big festivities honoring Mexican independence this month. Still, I will argue, in our modern, capitalist society, December means Santa Claus, November means turkey, October means pumpkins, and, here in California, May means margaritas. And so I am sending you to La Paloma, a colorful, festive restaurant experience no matter what time of year. You can order a pitcher of sangria, beverage of the Spanish colonizers, and then vanquish it with two pitchers of margaritas, thus recreating Mexican victory in your own physical body. But be sure, please, if you take this on as your project, to order plenty of chips and guacamole and a big, fat burrito with the works, maintaining, hopefully, some semblance of personal equilibrium, even as you so generously give yourself over to a more symbolic role in the world for the night.

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