January 17th, 2014

It’s a new year, which kind of means nothing except that time is passing. And, with the passage of time come changes. Luckily the staff update this time around is short on goodbyes because, as you know, we’re not very good with those. This is more a story about the kids growing up.

Jonathan, one of our sales manager, who started working here, as a bellman, when he was in high school is now a married man. It shouldn’t be so very shocking as he was engaged for quite a while and has all the bearings of a responsible young man. Still, though, carrying the shadow of the boy we first met the way he does, it’s a little bit crazy to think he may soon have his own kids.

It’s a similar feeling with Matt, who’s been working behind the front desk since high school. He has, in fact, always used this job as the rock to lean on as he got himself through school. That time has ended. He’s a college graduate. We’re both proud and also bracing ourselves. Now that he’s got that degree, the time may soon come when he’ll want to use it.

Joe, who recently became our front desk manager, also recently became engaged. This is great, light, easy news for us to congratulate him on. Joe came to us as an adult, and adults do things like get engaged. Besides, engagements are the period when all your friends and family get to transition into the idea of you being married. So, great, he’s engaged!

Finally, we have one departure to report. Dave/Pee Wee, who was our bar manager and the weeknight bartender at the Grand Hotel, has left us. Sometimes the time just comes for a bit of change. We hope he finds what it is he’s looking for.

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