November 26th, 2013

Next week, as we all know, is Thanksgiving. Some of us will have big family dinners; for others it will be more intimate. Some of us will spend hours in a kitchen; others will choose to go out. Some of us will enjoy the festivities; others of us will show up bearing the heavy weight of obligation. One nearly universal truth about next week, though, is that on Friday morning we will wake up feeling overindulged. We here at this little hotel have two little amenities for you to keep in mind when that feeling comes for you.

Number one is the exercise balls you now find in your room when you’re here with us. It’s amazing what a few crunches first thing in the morning will do for your general sense of fitness and willingness to take care of yourself. Never mind that a handful of sit-ups are not quite the anecdote for eating an entire pie alone. It’s peace of mind you need to strive for in the immediate aftermath of the chaos of Thanksgiving. Christmas, after all, is just around the corner, so you may as well not bother shooting for perfection just yet.

Number two is our canned food drive. A giant feast is really nice, and a day designed especially to give thanks for all we have is great, but when all that you have contrasts so sharply with what some of those around you do not have, feelings can get a little conflicted. Bring the canned version of your favorite Thanksgiving foods in to us. Share your bounty.

First, though, you get to do the indulging. Enjoy!

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