August 18th, 2011

All of the wineries that I write to you about are local. The exalted Napa Valley is, relatively speaking, in our neighborhood and nothing would be easier on a day off than renting a car and driving up for a day of wine tasting. Well, almost nothing. It turns out we’ve got a winery not just nearby relative to, say, Chicago, but actually in our real neighborhood. It’s called the Ridge Winery and it’s right here in Cupertino. You could stop in after work for a taste of the wine that won the Judgment of Paris, the event that was meant to put California wine in its place, and failed.

It’s an interesting place, too, the Ridge Winery. A physician built it in the 1880s. Its next owner was a theologian. Now a man who holds a degree in philosophy is in charge of day-to-day operations. And, to top it off, a Japanese pharmaceutical company owns it now. What can this all mean? What kind of experiment is this winery running? Spiritual? Pharmacological? How, really, did they convince a panel of French judges to rank it at the top? What manner of intoxication does a bottle of Ridge wine provide? Well, if you’d prefer to know the answer to these questions before venturing to its source, we’re pouring Ridge wines every night in our bar.

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