January 2nd, 2014


It’s the holiday season and whatever holidays you all are choosing to participate in this time around, the end of the year is pretty universally used as a time of reflection. What has this last year been? What will the future bring, and what might we do to affect that? What is this present moment? We here at this little hotel find ourselves, this time around, in a sweet and easy place. A lot of you are too, we know. It’s a good time to be working in the Silicon Valley. We’ve worked hard to get here, of course. Each and every one of us had to step up our game not so long ago to figure out how to make it through some pretty hard times. But we’re also very lucky. Fortune came to us.

What is there to do, then, but be grateful? We’re grateful to be a part of a team that’s both hard working and light hearted. Every one of us stuck together when it wasn’t easy, and now that things are a little more chill, it’s a pleasure to get to be working with all these people. We’re grateful for you, our guests. Some of you have been with us for over a decade, riding all the waves right along with us. Is there a word for that besides family? It’s hard to think of a better one. Some of you have come in with Silicon Valley’s most recent flood of prosperity and we are grateful for the energy and creativity that allowed you to override financial crisis. We’re grateful to be in the right place at the right time, this time around. And, what the heck, at this time of year we’re also grateful that we get to have all this without snow!

Whatever the future brings, we’re grateful for this nice moment we’ve got right now. Happy holidays everyone.

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