November 4th, 2013

I think a lot of you already know about Dish Dash, the super-fresh, super-delicious Middle Eastern restaurant just a short little hop away from our hotel. It’s been mentioned here before, a lot of our staff talks a lot about it, plus it’s now permanently, constantly packed, so I just figure everyone’s going there, and that that probably includes you too. And, anyway, if you were one of the few people in the South Bay who didn’t know about it, it seemed better not to add you to the list of people I’m competing for tables with whenever I try to go there.

Good news, though! Dish Dash has just opened up a more casual version of itself, just a few blocks away. The new one is more about sandwiches and salads, you order at a counter. You know, easy take-out lunch style. This new one is called Dish N Dash and it has a separate website from Dish Dash’s, though Dish Dash does refer to Dish N Dash as its sister restaurant.

Ready for even more good news? In looking up the new Dish N Dash, I found yet another version of the same restaurant. This third one is called Dish Dash Middle Eastern Grill, again with a completely separate website but referring to the other two as its sisters. The menu is the same as Dish Dash’s and it seems to be a sit-down, table service kind of a place, again like Dish Dash. I know it’s got to be basically the same restaurant because even the text describing the restaurant’s name is identical and yet they do not claim themselves as a chain. I’m not saying I quite understand the strategy, but it’s pretty exciting to have unearthed two more of one of the best restaurants in town.

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