August 24th, 2012

…that’s all we are asking.

Suppose you have a very comfortable relationship with someone you are very compatible with. Someone you enjoy doing things with. And suppose for one night that person was unavailable to get together with you on the day you were hoping to be together. Now suppose they suggested that you hang out with their sibling instead since they were, at that time, unavailable. Doesn’t that sound like a logical next best thing? After all, they share the same traits, same genes, and mostly the same features. Sure their personalities may differ some, but most times you’ll find that they have way more in common than not.

As you may have noticed, Silicon Valley hotels are filling up again and your first choice hotels are becoming a bit more difficult to book on some of the days you desire. The Grand Hotel and the Cupertino Inn are sister properties and more likely than not, if we do not have availability at one property there is a good chance we will be able to squeeze you into our other property. Now we know that a lot of people are creatures of habit (I, for one, certainly am) but wouldn’t a property with the same management, same staff, and same great complimentary amenities be better than something that is completely unfamiliar to you?

If you are a loyal guest at the Grand Hotel and we are sold out on the nights you will be in Silicon Valley, try the Cupertino Inn. You won’t have Sammy cooking your breakfast in the morning (although you will have a great breakfast) but he will be there in the evening as your fabulous bartender. Same thing with the Cupertino Inn.  If it’s full, try the Grand Hotel and although Adam won’t be there to check you in in the morning, more than likely he’ll be around to serve you in the evening.

With a centralized reservations department that books both properties, making a reservation at either hotel is very easy. No redialing. No getting transferred to different properties. Just one call and we will find some availability at one of our two hotels if your first choice isn’t available. Now I know that some people say that their preferred hotel is so close to work it’s a convenience thing, but the Cupertino Inn and the Grand Hotel are only separated by 2 and a half miles. No getting on freeways. No getting lost driving from one side of the Valley to the other. Just a straight shot down Mathilda/DeAnza Blvd. (they are the same road if you didn’t happen to know that.)

So you really have no excuse to not try our sister out. After all, it’s not a permanent change…just a temporary fill in.

Guest Comment of the Week:

“I want you to know how wonderful your staff is. Dave, Karim, Adam et al. Every single person that works here is an exceptional individual. I come here every few months for work and it is nice to feel like I am at a home away from home. Your employees are invaluable.”

Quote of the Week:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.  George Bernard Shaw

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