February 12th, 2014

As some of you may have already noticed, a couple of months ago we stepped a bit out of form. There is now a woman behind the bar at the Grand Hotel. Shouldn’t be such a revolutionary move in this day and age, and yet, up until now, we just have not had a female bartender. Nothing against the men who’ve passed in and out of that post over the years, but our bar was ready for a little girl power, and Stacie brings that in spades.

The bar, now, is lively and bright in a way we probably didn’t know it could be before Stacie got here. She’s almost too young to even be in a bar, she’s full of the fresh energy of youth, and yet she comes to us with years of experience. The perfect paradox. She tells a story of drinking in a bar a couple of weeks after her 21st birthday, chatting with the bartender, and being offered a job on the spot, unsolicited, just because of how much that bartender enjoyed her. Two years later, she’s come here to us. She’s got all that same exuberance, and now she knows how to pour a drink too.

Talking to her, which all of you will get plenty of chances to do, you learn that though she fell into bartending, she’s now choosing to do it because she loves it. She gets to have real, in depth conversations with people whose life experiences are different from her own, and different from one another’s as well. She talks about how valuable it’s been to her to learn about the different ways that people live and think. She knows about a wider range of problems, now, than what she expected, but also about an equally wide range of solutions. Her enthusiasm for the richness other people can bring to her life is palpable and infectious. The bar is aglow. Hurry over and see.

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