April 28th, 2009

My friend Sean last week talked to me about the collective unconscious. Perhaps there is some common pool of knowledge that we all could draw from at will, if only we would take the time to learn how. He told me a story about a New Jersey housewife who picked up ancient Sanskrit, seemingly, out of thin air. Information exists, he says, we only need to learn to access it.

Welcome to California, my friends. Sometimes this is how we talk here.

I bring these things up now because BB King was, very recently, a guest at our little hotel. It’s possible that you were sharing space with genius in these last weeks, breathing the same air, tracing his footsteps even. Our housekeeping staff is very good, I promise, but, still, one of you slept under the sheets that had kept a legend warm the night before. Which one of you drank your morning coffee from the mug that had last helped ease the great man into his day? Don’t you want to try to believe that there’s something to pick up from him, some kind of residue that such a legendary soul could potentially leave in its wake? I do. Things like this make me want to chase down any esoteric belief system that would tell me that I could be a richer, wiser person from mere proximity. So, indulge me for just a moment, please. Perhaps there is some common pool that we all draw from. I am not a student of Jung so I will leave his terminology out of this, but I think I can be really general and still show you what delusion I’m trying to cultivate. BB King, holder of a great store of the world’s treasure, sits with his knowledge and wisdom in our rooms. Energy drips off of him and so enters the common space where we all are free to absorb what we can. We are, thus, deeper and richer, our souls more expressive, from just random happenstance. I am bastardizing a lot of very deep beliefs here, I know, and, simultaneously, sounding like the typical California flake. But I feel the passion of blues somewhere in my body! How about you?

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