March 15th, 2008

I am introducing you, this month to a very overqualified bellman. Cyrus got all the way through law school and was in the process of taking the bar exam when he realized that a more true application of all of his legal training would be to drive our limousines. That’s a bit of an overstatement, but it was really fun to write that sentence. Sorry. The actual realization was, of course, more subtle and involved personal investigation into professional and social pressures and ambitions and how they relate to one’s personal journey through life. What he learned, as he prepared to take the bar, made him step off of his life’s track and look for a new path of his choosing. And he chose us! For eleven years he’s been taking care of our guests with the wisdom and respect born of a real decision to be where he is. It’s a rare treasure in an employee and a co-worker and I can’t really even figure out how to make light of it, to be perfectly honest. I tried, but I felt guilty and apologized immediately. I really respect and admire the Cyrus’ decision and the courage it took to make it. To all of us who aspire to live honestly, Cyrus is a very nice example.

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