May 25th, 2008

Before I talked to Jonathan, one of our most senior and most trusted bellmen, the story I had heard was that at 13 he came to our dear general manager, a childhood friend of her daughter’s, and asked how old he had to be to have a job with her. 17 was her answer and so, 4 years later, as she remembers it, he came to her on his birthday, looking for a job. Jonathan himself did a neat little dance around that story. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, is all I’m left with. Still, it becomes credible when he talks about his decision to become a police officer and the work he’s doing to get there. At 18, after a program in high school gave him the chance to see up close the work of the police force, he understood that this was the thing to do with his life. Since then, his intention has been unwaveringly set. He tells a story about a gun being pulled on him and, although he acknowledges the fear of the moment, he talks only about observing that fear and accepting it as a part of the career he chose. This is fascinating to me. He did not go home that night and question his choice, but instead just took it as a new, previously unknown, facet of that choice. This, I suppose, is exactly the steadiness we want in law enforcement. This, I know, is the solidity that has made him such an asset to our hotel for all the years he’s been with us. And this, I think, inclines one to believe that he might wait four years and then come in on the day of his 17th birthday.

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