December 4th, 2012

I did something very cool last night that I’d like to tell all of you about. And, to be clear, by cool, I mean something hip and fashionable. I do not mean to say that it was enjoyable or worth my time. Sorry to sound like such an old fuddy-duddy, but I really was not impressed by my experience at the famous Sundance Kabuki Theater. Famous is maybe not quite the right word, but it’s got its very fancy name and around here it’s supposed to be kind of a special experience. The idea is that if you buy tickets for the balcony, your seats are assigned and there’s a bar for hanging out in before and after. You can even bring your drinks into the theater with you, and there are little tray tables to put them on between every two or three admittedly very comfy seats. Maybe it’s meant to be like a lounge that also screens new releases. Maybe it’s meant to mimic the experience of being at a big film festival, like Sundance, for example. My own personal experience was that I paid $17 for the privilege of buying a $10 beer to forget about until it was too warm to be interesting anymore. Maybe I was better off, though, than the friend I was with who didn’t forget his beverage and ended up in the bathroom during a key dramatic moment.

Even if I were of the mentality that alcohol makes everything better, which, to be honest, some days I am and some days I’m not, still, when it comes to drinking in the movies, I much prefer high school style, that is, to keep a little flask in my purse, buy a soda, go into the dark theater and make a mix to pass among my friends. There’s still the risk of ending up in the bathroom at the wrong time, but at least I haven’t paid a luxury tax for it.

And, hey, don’t forget, now through January 4 we’re exchanging non-perishable items for drink tickets!

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