January 19th, 2014

We talk a lot about how great our California weather is. We boast about Christmases spent outdoors in t-shirts, Thanksgivings held on patios. It’s a selling point, a bragging point, and very often both at the same time. A “Mediterranean climate,” as ours is called, does have its down sides, though. One of those is a tendency to drought, which is what’s going on right now.

As you may have heard, our governor, the beatific Mr. Jerry Brown, has recently declared this current drought of ours to be a state of emergency. It sounds scary, but this does happen periodically. A lot of why it has to be declared an emergency has less to do with the availability of water to, for example, shower with than it has to do with mobilizing funds to transport water and staff fire departments in the neighborhoods of extra dry hills, with their tendency to ignite. Still, though, growing up in California we all learned to turn the tap off when we brush our teeth, to not be too indulgent with the pleasures of a long hot shower, little things like that. So, attempting to keep all traces of fear mongering or environmentalist shaming out of this sentence, now is a good time to keep water use in mind. Think about not having your sheets and towels changed every day when you’re here with us, though never keep them one day past what’s comfortable. If you like to stand in a very long hot shower to relax at the end of the day, remember that we have a hot tub. But if you’re attached to the ritual, stick with it. Find a couple of little ways to reduce your use while you’re here with us, if nothing else just to feel like you’re participating. This drought will pass. Next year we’ll probably get flooded. All will be well.

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