April 14th, 2014

When Dave, the Grand Hotel’s bartender, left, the bars at both hotels got thrown into a bit of upheaval. Of the shifts that have been made in the wake of that departure, probably the cutest is that, for one night a week at each hotel, the bar will now be filled with Sunshine. You all know Sunshine, of the shy smiles and the glitter infused hair, nametag, fingernails. She’s been working behind our front desk for the past few years, quietly changing from little girls to young woman and now, it seems, she’s even old enough to serve drinks.

Anyone who knows Sunshine knows how apt her name is. She brightens the room, lightens the mood. When she said she wanted to start taking shifts behind the bar, the answer was obviously going to be yes. She’s exactly who you want to run into after a long day at work, or a harrowing flight, and she’ll be nearly as pacifying to your nerves as the drinks she’s serving.

She’s only just begun, she hasn’t gotten in too deep yet, and so there is one question remaining: What kinds of decorating choices will she make for the bar? Where will she sneak her subtle bits of glitter? What stickers will she choose, and where will they turn up? Because this is the one maddening thing about Sunshine: this quiet insistence that everything around her sparkle. If anyone else were glittering the common workspace, it would not be tolerated, and yet, somehow, when she does it, at least for the time she sits there in the midst of it, it seems so natural, and like she’s really improving things. And then when she’s gone, there are these silly shiny things all over the place that no one quite has the heart to do anything about. It remains to be seen how that will be dealt with by the rest of the bar staff.

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