February 11th, 2014

Any Seinfeld fans out there? For those of you nodding yes, do you remember the episode that Elaine spends lamenting her inability to order a “big salad”? I don’t remember why the one she wanted was unavailable, I only just remember relating to how hard it is to find a good “big salad”. Those of us who like them know what it’s like to want something only as light as a salad, but to want it to be big enough to fill us the same way a meal would. Seems paradoxical, but, thanks to Elaine, we know it’s a real thing that makes sense to other people.

It can be hard, though, to find a so-called entrée salad that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry. But I do know of one reliable place. A few, actually, since the Crepevine is a Bay Area chain. Go in hungry and feel safe ordering a salad, trusting that you won’t be back for bread and cookies when you’re done, desperately seeking satiation.

As you maybe guessed from the name, salads aren’t the only thing on offer at the Crepevine. They also serve those beautiful, thin pancakes, stuffed in ways that would make their French progenitors blush. Sweet or savory, and maybe some combination of the two, if you ask nicely.

One final, oh-so-welcome feature of the Crepevine is that it’s open until midnight. Those of you who’ve spent any time in California at all know what a precious and rare resource the late night eating establishment is. And if you’re eating late, you basically have to resign yourself to eating greasy crap. Except that, from now on, the Crepevine will be your salvation. Big salads at 11pm. You’re welcome.

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