April 14th, 2014

Because time is on some kind of super-express track, going faster and faster every year, it, somehow, is baseball season again. Are you aware, as you pass through our neighborhood from time to time, that we are home to not one but two MLB teams that pretty regularly do pretty well? More often than not, either the Oakland A’s or the San Francisco Giants find their way into the playoffs. Sometimes they both do. In 1989, when the last big earthquake hit the Bay Area, they were meeting one another in the World Series.

Now is a great moment to get out to a game. It’s the very beginning of a new season. Anything is possible. Maybe you’ve already got a favorite home team and you’ll come out to root for the early demise our local boys. That’s fine with us; we know they don’t go down easy. Or maybe you’ve never paid much attention to baseball before now and have no allegiances. In that case, go with no expectations and just see if you don’t get a little excited when the home team does well. Either way, find your way to a game now, and then, as you come in and out of the Bay Area throughout the summer and into the fall, you’ll have this little outing waiting here for you. You’ll have a team to check in on, as this season’s narrative unfolds.

As for which team you should choose, that’s got to be a personal choice. It’s true that the Giants have more recently won World Series’. It’s true that their stadium has a more beautiful location. The A’s tend to be a little less glamorous. Oakland’s the less polished of the two cities. Should glamour, polish and beauty be considered positive or negative attributes when choosing a baseball team? Your call.

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