October 29th, 2008

Earlier this year I recommended a piece of experimental performance to you all. I don’t know if any of you took that recommendation, don’t know how it went over if you did. It was a pretty intense experience I was trying to send you out to have. I say this now because they’re back. Or, actually, Keith is back. Keith Hennessy, the director, under the same company name, Circo Zero, has put together a completely different cast and is working with a completely new concept. It’s called Delinquent, features no one over the age of 24 and takes the juvenile detention system as its theme. The assembled cast was chosen based on some ability to relate to that theme and come from a variety of disciplines. This is all I know, which is way less than I knew about the last show. But I trust Keith like I trust very few assemblers of performative experience. He’s super intelligent and keeps strong commitments to making work that is both relevant as contemporary art and fiercely political, but because his politics lead him this way, he also insists on making shows that have popular appeal. You will never have a night of esoteric contemplation when Keith is in charge, but nor will you ever feel like you were mindlessly entertained. In short, I love him. I follow this man wherever he wants to take me. One of the strongest recommendations I can make about anything I know in the world is that other people do the same.

But the show I’m describing is only playing one weekend, at the Yerba Buena Gardens Forum in San Francisco. If you’re here already on business, then I absolutely insist you go. If you’re not scheduled to be here, the decision is yours. You’re getting this newsletter because you have regular business in Silicon Valley. Surely you could find some reason to come at this time.

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